Hi, I’m Randee


Hi, I’m Randee Bieler, I’m 70 years old, and my life’s not perfect, but I love these gravy years.  

Living this long has given me a kind of extra-sensory perception that feels and knows things in ways that are deeper, funnier and true-er than I was ever capable of before.  And I see God’s footprints on paths I would not have turned down 10 years ago.

I know that terrible eventualities are possible, even likely.  But I also know that my least little trip can send loved ones hovering like I’m a toddler on the edge of the Grand Canyon.   And it’s not just other people.  Some days losing my car keys can set off a Chicken Little Convention in my head.

How do we be careful of real dangers without shrinking to fit the fearful expectations of ourselves and those who love us?

How do we discover and honor the part of us that yearns to play and try new things after years of being the go-to adult?

And what difficult but do-able decisions can we make now so that our time, even if the shit hits the fan, works as well as it can for us? We don’t want to dump this on our kids.  It’s not fair to them – they don’t know what to do, they haven’t lived long enough.  Aging Ain’t Kidstuff! 123HorseyBut right here/right now, my husband, Peter, and I are in pretty good health, our kids are taking wing, and it looks like we can make the money work.  These years are gravy!  And I am determined to live them, truly live them.  I insist on insight, pleasure, discovery, good sex, goofiness, dignity, tender relations, pain management, and I need to laugh a lot.

To have this kind of experience, I’ll probably have to get creative.  But modern neuroscience is discovering that creativity actually gets stronger with age.  So let’s get creative.  Let’s not squander this time which most people on the planet do not even get a crack at.

We’re the baby boomers, we stopped the war, changed the rules, busted unfair barriers, and invented Rock and Roll.  Let’s create some better ways to live out our lives.

God Bless Us Everyone.

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Pat Taub July 13, 2017 at 8:33 pm

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