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So I posted how I’ve  been doing the New York Times 7-Minutes (of hell) Exercise Program and I’ve been so religious about it that I can now, kind-of, sprint up the stairs!  But then, last week, Time Magazine comes out with an article about how “Exercise Staves Off Alzheimer’s Disease”.  Only you have to do 1 hour of cardio/4 times a week!!!516b2ac93c310c47_cats.gif.xxxlarge

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I was worried about myself and exercise.  I just turned 70 and right on que, my legs started really feeling the stairs.   I am so jealous of Husband, Peter, who loves tennis, he actually anticipates it gleefully every time he’s got a game.  If I played tennis, I’d be praying for rain.  But I want my legs back, I want my  stamina.  It lifts my mood, too – exercise!  The only downside is, you’ve got to do it.  And so it gives me great pleasure to tell you about — (read more…)

imagesI recently met an Alzheimer’s psychiatrist, Dr. O, who works in a special facility where problem patients from memory facilities and nursing homes get sent. It is Dr. O’s job to get them stabilized and send them back.  She is often successful, I think because she seems to be a meticulously observer, and also, as she says, because she stays very studied-up about medications. (read more…)


Some people have a talent for aging.  I think it’s got to do with being very good at finding opportunities for creativity and joy.   The infectiously happy movie, Advanced Style, is a close-up portrait of 6 such (read more…)

astrology-spiral1     For years I have loved the idea of reincarnation.  I had a beloved person die a horrible death in front of me when I was 21, so I had to take a good look at  mortality early or it would have driven me crazy.  As I live long, I’m finding some spiritual ideas that were  helpful when I was  (read more…)

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