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My friend thought she was getting Alzheimers because she could never remember what happened the night before.  Her son thought she had it too, he wanted her to get tested.  She was afraid to go because she was in her mid-60’s and there was Alzheimer’s in her family.  Who needs to know they have that kind of death sentence, she thought!?  But it finally got so bad, she went to her doctor who gave her an Alzheimer’s test.  She answered all of the questions with flying colors.  Then her doc asked if she drank alcohol?  Yes.  How much?  Usually a bottle a night…sometimes more.  How much more?  Two bottles a night.  My friend weighs 120 pounds.  Her doc chuckled kindly, “You don’t have Alzheimer’s,” she said. “The reason you can’t remember any thing is you’re drinking to a blackout.  That’s what a blackout is, you can’t remember things.” (read more…)

 A year ago,  I got worried that I was falling a lot.  So I started keeping a spreadsheet, which I wrote about in one of my first posts.  If you missed it, what I found was that 1) I wasn’t falling nearly as much as I though, and  2) there were extenuating circumstances.

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I remember seeing Ram Dass speak years ago, and he pointed out that meditation was a lot like old age – you slow down, you see less far, you move less quickly. Unable to rush about, your attention turns inward where, without distractions, you are able to see more clearly your life and its lessons. (read more…)

I was bitten by a dog (Chihuahua/finger) and it got so quickly and deeply infected that I had to go into  the hospital for three days of antibiotic drips.  I’m all better now, but there was this rite-of-passage moment… (read more…)

Last Saturday I marched.  I wanted to skip it, but my friend, Janet, can always be counted on to encourage my least little inclination towards good & important things.  So we were there, among hundreds of thousands of compatriots and it felt mighty good. Janet asked me about the 60’s, was there a moment when it all changed?  And yes, here’s what happened.

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